by Sekengard

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Sekengard's debut EP


released May 29, 2015

Sarah Stepanik - vocals/fiddle
Daniel Paytas - vocals/mandolin
Jon Robey - vocals/guitar
Carter Cassedy - guitar
Adam Scalici - bass
Evan Phillips - drums

Choir: Kira McCabe, Nick Cove, John Paul Decker, J. Adam Wyatt, Rob Carroll

Recorded and Produced by Tyler "KouqJ" Garrett at Seventh Wave Studio
Artwork by Patrick Phillips



all rights reserved


Sekengard Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: For Sekengard
Our call is near our flag is high
Our song is sung, the song of our battle cry
Now look onward see our future free
See our land in perfect harmony
You are my soldiers you are my brothers
This tyranny and raid you can forestall

For Sekengard!

Oh comrades hear our cries ring out
And charge into the sound of deadly sin
These men won't cease their evil plight
Maim and murder all for their own pride
Spill their blood swiftly end their lives plainly
Show them how evil should fall

For Sekengard!

Shining cold steel rust turned in the rain
Warm blood stained ground littered with corpses slain
Goodnight brothers your name shall live on
Night is quite far to those fighting on
Your name lives on in our memories
We think of you as we stand tall

So ride on my soldiers brave
Fit with sword and shield
Fight as brothers side by side
To score our freedom before the dawn

Howling. Taunting.
Let them rot in the scorching sun
Carry. Endure.
We'll rise above the weak
Prevail. Rise up
Pursue what you were born for

For Sekengard!
Track Name: Drink to Victory
This cold night fatigued and hungry
We march home to claim our victory
Our horns will fill with yeast and honey
And we'll toast to our triumphant glory

We toss aside our shield and our swords
Desire for mead is now beyond words
Come now wench and fill our tankards
And raise a glass to the high Norns

Drink to Victory (Horns Up)
Drink to Glory (Horns Up)
Drink to the home where we stand (Horns Up)
Drink to Fortune (Horns Up)
Drink to Fame (Horns Up)
Drink to the Gods whom we defend (Horns Up)

Hail to you for this grand haul
I'll raise my drink and toast to you all
Filled with mead our flagons raised tall
So feast and drink and sing at this great brawl

Meat and drink is gorged without haste
Drink and women are sweet to the taste
The song we sing won't end 'til far too late
And the mead will never go to waste


Sing the songs of victories past
Include today a triumph so vast
Chant the names the name of those past
The names of those who forever outlast

Our comrades slain may bring us sorrow
But their souls live, live on as heros
The songs we sing have aided us since long ago
We'll sing today and be alive tomorrow!

Track Name: Striped Paladin
He lays stern and Strong
His presence glows a steadfast luster
A presence painted in song

The mountain is his home
Giant and glorious a grand wild palace
A throne made of immense stone

Run. A valiant beast. His claws bared
Shredding the ground below him
With astounding force and deafening sound
He roars. Resonating the mountain.
The echoes declare his presence.
Royal and noble a Tiger of brilliance.

His stripes burned bright
An ambience of indisputable devotion
Stripes of a noble feline knight

Wrath and vehemence
Enemies are torn and battered
With skills of power and ingeniousness


Rise and Fight
Survive and smite
Protect our night
You bold striped knight

Your fastest days have come
Endure the beating sun.
Win and rise as one.

Hunt. The enemy confronts
He shouts a blaring grunt
Prove his days are done

Roar. Let the sound soar
Hear it to your core
Let it sing forever more.

Track Name: Howling of the Fen
Through the murky trenches deep
The dirt will spoil and the trees will weep.
Clear all that is in our path
Everything in sight will behold our wrath
We'll build our towers high and strong
With our powers combined it won't take long
We'll forge with iron steel and fire
And destroy what's now a dreary mire.

The fog descended the moon did rise
Revealing shadows with evil eyes
The earth then shook and the water boiled
We soon discovered our plan was foiled
Demons arise up out of the water
With talons and teeth they're hungry for slaughter
They smell our fear, run for your lives
They'll never stop, none will survive

Bones are shattered blood is shed
Limbs are torn many are dead
Our plight to destroy has been overcome
By monsters of murky wetland scum
Our plan to destroy and reap the moor
Has ended in desolation and gore
Silence and stillness descend on the bog
Covered by moonlight with ghostly fog